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Web development and online services

Next to complete web design packages we offer additional online development solutions.

E-Commerce and Webshops

E-Commerce and web shops

We offer complete e-Commerce solutions for your business and online web shop. With more than 15 years of experience in e-Commerce we are able to offer full online shop packages and a variety of other services around web shops.

  • Building beautiful and functional online web shops which work as complete online payment solutions or just product portfolios
  • Integration of several payment gateways for Namibia
  • Web shop based auction systems
  • Online serial systems for example for selling vouchers, online tickets, gift certificates, raffle tickets, etc.
  • Creation of multi-vendor platform (like Amazon or eBay)

Hosting and Registration

Hosting, maintenance and security

We offer domain registration and website hosting. Popular domain endings are:


Included in our domain hosting packages is email hosting and the setup of emails with your own domain, eg

All websites that are hosted with us are supported by the latest security and maintenance software. It is extremely important to regularly do website updates, core updates, third party component and plugin updates to ensure website security. Furthermore, our websites are constantly monitored and an automated back-up is done at least once every week. These services are also offered to customers who do their website hosting with a different provider.

Social Media Services

Social Media services

Everyone knows about the importance of Social Media. Social Media channels are not only crucial to connect to your audience on a regular base, but also to reach out to potential new customers regarding brand visibility.

We offer the creation of social media channels, social media marketing on existing channels and boosting of posts to grow your audience. Furthermore we can integrate your Social Media channels into your website or automate your website to post news automatically to your Social Media.

E-Commerce and Webshops

Website audits and search engine optimization (SEO)

Your website visitors and potential customers will form an opinion based on the first impression they will receive from visiting your website - often within seconds. Therefore it is necessary to have an optimized, fast-loading page with a great design and a simple structure that everybody understands within seconds.

Of course all our website projects are search engine optimized (SEO), but we also offer website audits and SEO to customers, that already have an existing website.

E-Commerce and Webshops

Content Creation

Key to a successful website is content. Without content, most importantly good and detailed texts about the services you provide, it is very hard to create a successful site. Normally our customers provide texts and pictures which we are search engine optimizing and uploading to the websites. Sometimes, however, it is the case that our customers do not have time to create texts or use our content creation services for some other reasons.

In other words, we're happy to offer you optimized content creation and ghost writing.

E-Commerce and Webshops

Content marketing

Marketing your online content is another service we offer. For this purpose, we create blogs and HTML newsletters, for example, with which you can target your audience and market your products.