Bwana Tucke-Tucke

Website development and graphic design for Namibian-German tour operator

Bwana Tucke-Tucke is one of our oldest and most loyal customers. 2019 was finally the time for a makeover of their website. The most important aim of the web development was to redesign of the old non-responsive website. The concept was to creat a modern but - in a way - old-fashioned and rustic design, optimized for cellphones and tablets. A blog has been added, as well as a new interactive newsletter system.

The website is developed with our favorite content management system Joomla and Bwana Tucke-Tucke is managing most parts of their website on their own.

The latest security software is used on the website which is constantly monitored by our app that lets us know when updates are necessary.

In addition to the website, we have developed a lot of graphic design works for Bwana Tucke Tucke in recent years.

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